Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Its Raining Again


It is raining again, but I have had a lovely day - a very relaxing one!  I have been doing some knitting whilst watching an old film (A passage to India).  I didn't get to finish the film as there was a blackout but I did get quite a way with my knitting.  I am feeling quite pleased with myself as I am attempting a new pattern 
 (I usually stick to very easy straight type knitting) using circular needles and I have had to learn a few new things.  I have finished the trickiest bits and it has turned out pretty well.  Of course I did make a bit of a mistake which I couldn't figure out so I just knitted over the top of it and you can't really notice  - never mind (Wabi Sabi!!)

Oh yeah, Sunny has a fringe now.  She can see better and it looks very cute! Django also has had a hair cut, his beautiful blond locks are gone (but so are the nits!)


  1. Hello! I see that Sunny is wearing a beautiful blue 'neck', I LOVE my tree 'neck' and wear it often. I'll post you a picture soon.

    Lovely fringe and #2 hair cut for Django! Whoo hoo. Max & Reuben used to want a #2, but never did.

    Nice knitting Kate, I'm still on pearl / plain that leads to a long strip of wool.

    Storms here, our power back, Mike getting wood for the fire and we're all just sitting around reading and working... oh dear. I'm a little bit sick with a cold, but will be better soon! (i hope)..

    Bye x

  2. that rainbow dress is going to look amazing. i want one! wow.