Thursday, 14 June 2012

I Believe This

I  am currently reading a fantastic book  -  "I Believe This" edited by John Marsden.  100 eminent Australians write a couple of pages each on what they believe.  I am loving it and finding it very interesting and inspiring indeed.  I haven't quite read them all yet but several are really resonating with me.

One paragraph I would like to share today is from Archie Weller....

"I believe in LIFE: L for Love, I for Intellectual Interests and Imagination, F for Friendship, Fun and Frolics, E for Excitement.  Every morning begins a new life for me and in each day I strive to find three beautiful, unusual things: a song bird, a butterfly, a smile on a stranger's face, the look in the eyes of my lover, a dog chasing its tail, a child on a swing, a phrase in a poem or book.  I devour each day with a fierce intensity".
 (p. 338)

I like this.......  I would also add F for family ( and perhaps food?)

Here are three things I saw today that made me smile.........

 A  hungry bum 
The dew drops on the dill all shiny and sparkly in the morning sun
Like mother like daughter, look how we both kicked off our boots....

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