Thursday, 30 June 2011

What's been going on....

A new bag is nearly finished....yet another tree.

During the rain we got into a bit of paper collage using old magazines inspired by this great book.

This is the huge Winter Solstice bonfire.

I didn't have my camera for the exciting lighting of the fire and the subsequent spark shower, but here it is after it had mellowed out.

On a cold and frosty morning.... We have only had a few frosts this year....too much rain!

Cold at night and in the morning but beautiful during the day!

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Cool Art I like

See more of Mark Jenkins Street installations here.

This is the School of Art and Design Creativity Test.  The objective is to draw as many things as possible that originate from X’s or O’s. How far does your creativity go?

I like this idea.  I like interactive art, to see what people come up with.

What a great idea by Candy Chang .

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Flood photos

The river is coming up. It is exciting during a flood!

Still raining and getting higher.

This was about the peak. It was not the biggest flood I have seen here, but it was a big one!

Lots of water and logs rushing past. The river was very loud and noisy this flood!

The next day and the river starts to go back down.

We had a look around today and we have a new log bridge. It will be fun in summer.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011


This is a map by Adam Hayes.  He has started a project where ...
Each artist has responded to the task of making a map of somewhere that they feel they belong.
Responses can include maps of places they live or grew up in, maps of the future or even of fictional locations and even maps of nowhere...

I like this idea for an art project.

I also just came across Pikaland.   Too many things to look at.  Think I'd better turn off the computer before I lose another hour. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

How to steal like an artist

I just came across this and thought I'd share it as I liked it. It is by Austin Kleon.

This guy writes poetry and stuff by blacking out words usually in the newspaper.  What a great idea (not a new one as he points out).

I think I'll give it a try.  I also think a great thing to do at school! ( I am still always collecting teaching ideas!)

Its raining its pouring

It looks like it might flood. We are having a lovely inside day in our pyjamas! Making games, playing games, cooking popovers for lunch and doing some crochet. It is nice to stay home, light the fire and listen to the rain pitter patter on the roof.

Thirty three squares so far. I wonder how many I will need to make single bed spread?

I have also started a new library book - Summer at Mount Hope by Rosalie Ham.  It is set in rural Victoria in 1894.  I quite like it so far.  I think it is funny how even in the dusty heat in Australia people were still trying to be British, wearing corsets and fancy clothes.  Sticking to old customs. 

"'You know nothing of life, girl; you don't know what you're talking about'. 'But I do,' she said.  'I know the value of life.  I know what's important.  Looking after the land is important.  Friends and family,  freedom, and being fair to those less fortunate.'"

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