Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sunny is three....

Sunny is three.  "I'm not a baby, I am a big girl now" as she always likes to say....
A birthday is always a happy/sad time.  Sad that they are growing up but at the same time happy that they are growing up too.  Sad that they will never be that cute funny little baby/toddler again but lovely to see them become who they are...

We had a little party on the deck with Granny and Grandfather......

Can you stick a spoon to your nose?

Sunny wanted this butterfly cake - and a pink one.  (I am having to embrace pink which as you might know is possibly  my least favourite colour).   I was pretty impressed with my cake making skills - I usually stick to easy round ones  and leave the tricky ones to Trisso's very clever sisters..... but it turned out pretty well -  it actually does look like the one in the book! 

Then we had another party with Sunny's friends - Bodhi and Oswayo.... and another pink cake -this time a love heart! (They decorated it themselves...one for the cake one for the mouth)
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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vietnamese Coleslaw


This is (one of) my latest favourite foods - Vietnamese style coleslaw (as opposed to coldsore which is what I thought coleslaw was called when I was a kid!).

All picked fresh from the garden - cabbage, carrot, shallots, Vietnamese mint, coriander, mint.
Then mix up the dressing:
* 2 tbsp lime juice
* 1.5 tbsp fish sauce
* 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
* 1 - 2 tbsp brown sugar
* pinch salt
* clove of crushed garlic
* 1 hot chilli (optional)

I have also been wrapping this salad up in rice paper rolls - yum! Unfortunately the cabbages are coming to an end for this season...I wonder what else i could put this dressing on? Cucumbers perhaps....

I have also been picking a bit of beetroot and recently made this yummy Indian pickle (recipe courtesy of an Indian restaurant in London - via Liz and Claire).  

As you can see I am no food photographer .
(Also unless you like it very hot I would put in only 1 tsp of chilli.)

This is my favourite song for this week....rock n roll... 

I love the passion in his voice....
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Saturday, 10 November 2012

River Fest too


The kids have been having a river festival of their own down at the waterhole this week.  With Trisso they have set up a little world - with a harbour, roads, helicopter pads, a garage, bridges etc.
 (Sunny is the fire brigade! )

I believe this is the true business of childhood and it makes me feel good to see them do it. 

Not much swell today!
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

River Festival

Fi and I were lucky enough to be a part of the Samba-Soul dance parade at the Bello River festival.  It was hot, sweaty, feathery fun.  The drumming was fantastic and all the women beautiful.  It combined four of my favourite things - dancing, making new friends, getting dressed up (green feathers, tulle and fishnets) and music.  Yippee.  (I felt a bit tired, sore and dishevelled on Sunday though)

You can see some amazing photos of the day and parade over here...

(I forgot my camera so have no photos of my own)

This next clip is of Didjital  (Big O is on the drums).  You can see us sitting in the audience (me, sunny, granny, Liz, Freya, Jen...)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Hail Storm

This hail storm was a couple of weeks ago.... I have only just got around to downloading the photos.  Funny weather.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Faery Houses

I love it when they do things like this without any prompting from me .

Check out these fairy houses....

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


 We had a lovely few days up at Angourie with Mike, Peta, Reuben, Mum, Dad and all of us.  We stayed at a very cool holiday house with lots of decks and a great view.  There was lots of surfing, eating, drinking good wine, exploring, beach combing and even a turtle and fish rescue.  It was also Mike's 50th, Nelson's 8th and Dad's birthday ( I think he is getting younger now!)

PS - Nelson is not drinking beer, it is apple fizzy!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

PAT the movie

I just had to share this lovely short film about a beautiful woman called Pat.  Pat grows the potatos that make the yummy chips at  Number 5 (that is Jason Brown's cafe).  The film was made by  Jay  and Jason  for the Local Food Film festival.

What an inspiring woman with a simple but full life.  She reminds me a bit of my granny, same tracky dacks!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

A garden and a library

Well nearly ......  They are pretty good things to have.  (I also need my family and friends, food and drink, music and dancing, swimming and walking, showers, comfy bed.....etc etc)

Spring is here and I am loving the garden.  Warm sunny days, lots of new seeds to plant, peas to pick.....  It is very very dry..... the goannas are back and the chickens are freaking out and laying eggs in strange places (like under the parsley).  I am also doing lots of reading - Anne of Green Gables then an interlude of Clan of the Cave bear (remember that book?) before returning to the Anne of Green Gables saga.  I really like it, so simple and sweet but full of wise words.....

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