Saturday, 24 August 2013



We are babysitting Fi's guinea pigs ( Gimme pigs)

Check out the tail!!

Biggest frost of the year last week!!

I thought I'd try doing one of these lists like on meet me at mikes and foxes lane.
( It was harder than i thought it would be!! )

Making : crochet chickens and eggs, crochet bunting, granny squares
Cooking : apple and rhubarb, coleslaw, spinach & potato torte
Drinking : chai tea
Reading: The Cazalet Chronicles
Wanting: To lay in the sun at the beach
Looking: amigurumi books and on internet & bunny stuff (for sunny)
Playing: with Fi's guinea pigs that are staying here
Wasting: lettuce (too much in garden but is now being fed to guinea pigs)
Sewing: a patchwork doona cover
Wishing: for more hours in the day
Enjoying: listening to fire by casabian and home by edward something
Waiting: for my hair to grow
Liking: eating granola, vanilla yogurt and apple and rhubarb for breakfast
Wondering: What to do with the brussel sprouts I have grown
Loving:  spying on Sunny playing
Hoping: for peace love and happiness (with some mung beans)
Marvelling: At how big the kids are getting
Needing: to go to bed early
Smelling: Jasmin at my friend Deanie's house
Wearing: Ugg boots (it is still very cold at night)
Following: 5-2 fast diet (more like 6-1)
Noticing:   the days getting longer
Knowing: not much
Thinking: that we humans are a crazy bunch - the things we do?!?
Feeling: both content and restless
Bookmarking: pokemon amigurumi and felt food
Opening: the fire - the wood is a little damp and I am always mucking about with it
Giggling: at a video of sunny dancing
Feeling : cold in the morning

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