Friday, 19 July 2013

Sunny makes Sun Bread

I haven't been doing much of this blogging lark this year - i kind of lost interest, but I am feeling a resurgence.  I do like looking back over it - it is a good reminder of life lived.  Sometimes it feels like I've done nothing different or interesting to write about, but actually it is all these little everyday simple  moments that make  life what it is.  Nothing amazing but important nonetheless.  These days at home with Sunny (and the boys) are not infinite and I would like to remember how we spent them when I am old!

Anyway I was looking through the photos and found these cute ones of Sunny and thought I'd put them up.  We made Sun Bread.  It is from a very cute book -
Sun Bread  by Elisa Kleven.

I just read a very good thing (i don't know what to call it - opinion piece perhaps?)   The intellectual benefits of a real old fashioned summer...

(Even though it is the middle of winter here!!)
That is all for now, time to get out in the garden!
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