Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Save the Reef,Save the world

Seeing images of the enormous mines in Australia makes me think of big open gaping wounds, wounds that will never heal.  They also put dark and gloomy images of a 'Mad Max', 'The Road' type of life not too far down the track.  Such rape and pillage is sure to have dire consequences for the earth and its inhabitants.  To me it seems like this boom is just a big greedy race for money - (ridiculous amounts of money for only a few people) with little thought for the environment now or in the future, with little thought  for what these resources are being used for, with little thought for the communities in which the mines are.....   The scary thing is that plans for more and more mines are in place.   While many of us are trying our best to live a simple, sustainable life which treads gently on the earth - it seems unfair that this is going on and there is not much we can do.

Not sunshiny thoughts today!!

PS Do you think Gina Rinehart or Clive Palmer have read the Lorax?  Maybe they should be bombarded with copies..... (although they might be too daft to make the connection!!)

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  1. Mining provides the resources to be able to use these computers that we do blogs on, & the roads that we drive on! Among many other things... We just have to hope that there is a balance in the world to help take the good with the bad, I think! At least it is an Australian chick in charge, with feminine attitudes & not some texan tycoon!