Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Four mums, nine camping!

Sunset, a fire and a few beers....what could be better?

The weather was glorious!  Hardly a cloud in the sky!

This womanly tree stump made a great table, bench, place to lie....

I have never seen a beach so completly covered in crab holes.  It was like walking on a very soft massuer sandle.

Hours were spent wandering the beach,  digging holes, making things, finding crabs, shells and swimmming. The water was beautiful.

This is the amazing drip castle machine.  Water and sand running off a cliff made a constant drip castle.

All good things come to an end, time to leave the beach, pack up camp and go home.
All in all a lovely weekend away.  I love camping - it is a chance to really revel in the simple pleasures of life - a hot cup of tea in the morning whilst sitting around the fire, the feeling of the warm sun on your back, swimming in the sea, beach combing, being outside all day, an arvo beer by the fire, watching the kids explore and delight in the treasures of the beach.

Now (again) I am fantasizing about travelling around the country.  I like the idea of going on tour in one of these......

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