Monday, 23 April 2012

Naughty Forty


Last Wednesday I turned 40.  (Of course we forgot to take any photos, lucky Nelson and Django took some.)  I can't believe I am 40 seems unreal that i could be that old!!   
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  1. I cannot believe you are sporty fourty either!

    Fourty is a big number that no one ever counts to, it's a grown up number.
    I remember thinking it was old, but now I know it's not.
    It is in the middle, but not necessarily middle aged.
    It is younger than 42.
    I love your flower garden dress.

    Happy birthday Kate,

    Love from all of us on the West Coast. x

  2. I like the sound of Naughty Forty, it suits you, but is hard to believe as I flash back to mud pies and a sandpit with you aged 6,

    xox A

  3. Kate,
    Happy happy birthday,
    Forty! That is fabulous, imagine how many cracking belly laughs till you cry you have had, how many rainbows you have seen, how many delicious kiddie cuddles and kisses.......
    Wishing you many more of the same,
    love Fleur and the gang.

  4. Hi Kate! Happy belated 40! Isn't it the best assuring and learned but still young, confident and delicious.
    I've been having a peek around your sweet place here...looks like you share another slice of paradise. So lovely to *meet* you...I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and said hello! Love to you. :-)