Monday, 30 April 2012

Around here...

We got some new chickens a  few weeks ago and it is great to get at least two eggs a day.  Unfortunately we  have had some chicken disasters with fox (we think) attacks. It was the fluffy little silkies that were eaten again.  We don't have much luck with silkies, our first lot were eaten by a snake.   Oh well,  we have four beautiful robust hens left.

A large python shed its skin.

Sunny is hanging out her washing.  She loves to imitate and do everything i do.

 I have been making lime cordial....ready for coctails at my party!!

The boys have been hanging around in the hammock.  I still  haven't been up in the high one.  Trisso and I both gave each other hammocks for christmas.  How funny - great minds think alike!!

This is my one of my favourite foods at the moment - i just had it for lunch today - pasta, fresh tomato and basil, some black olives and feta cheese.  YUM.  Today is preschool day, i went for a bike ride -(it is so easy to ride a bike when you are not towing a trailer!!), did some gardening, picked the remaining eggplants to make an eggplant curry for dinner, made this pasta for lunch, I had a bit of a blog browse, came across this one  Homemade rainbows,  now i am writing this and eating Turkish delight. Next i am going to go and lay down somewhere and read 'Howard's End' before I have to collect Sunny and do the next round of afternoon things.   That is what I call a good day.
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