Saturday, 3 March 2012

Clay Land

Luckily we have had a couple of weeks of lovely  warm weather and after all the flooding the waterhole is beautiful with a nice deep spot and clayland is even bigger. Every afternoon we have been playing down there. Django made a waterslide over in clay land. He loves it - look at his face! Funny!

Sunny and I made some utensils with clay and dried them out on the big rock. The spoon is my favourite.

This is the jumping in spot. There is a nice deep hole there after the last flood.

Here is the bridge. Sunny goes back and forth over this bridge every time we are down there.

This is the camp with fire, plates and a hut. Nelson and Django spent ages setting it up.

A few rock sculptures.

The new rock pebble beach. Metres of land and Sheoak trees were washed away in the last flood.

Unfortunately the good shade tree is dying.

The nude explorer. I love going down the waterhole. (We all do). I can't think of a better way for the kids to spend their time...... (or me and Trisso).

I love that I spent my childhood afternoons in a similar way, except mucking around down the bay in the salt water, collecting jelly blubbers, making sand pies and cooking them on the big rock oven while Granny collected fish with her net and bucket, dress tucked in knickers, to put in her huge salt water tanks. I had a good childhood too.
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  1. what a wonderful special spot clayland is. my hands are itching to get into it. another great place to explore.
    xx jay