Saturday, 11 February 2012

And this.....

In one of the buddism for mothers books, the author recommended a zen practise whereby if things are going wrong, each time something annoying or problematic happens you say to yourself "and this"........

Well today I said "and this" . I accidently left these almost finished, only 8 rows to go knitted baby pants on the couch while i helped Sunny on the potty, then the phone rang and then I found Sunny with a knitting needle in her hand. I am sure she enjoyed helping me knit and she did a good job of neatly removing the knitting needle. Unfortunately I am a very unskilled knitter who cannot pick up stitches or anything like that. I have to knit very carefully as I cannot fix any mistakes I make. Luckily my lovely neighbour can. I rode straight around there and she fixed them all up. Now they are being sewed together. They are for Sue's brand new baby boy, only three days old. Congratulations Sue!!!! Hip hip hooray!!
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