Saturday, 28 January 2012

Creative Urges

It can be hard as a busy mum to find time to fulfil those creative urges....but it certainly feels great when you can!!!!

Today after 5 days of being flooded in Trisso took the kids out to get supplies.  I am having a wonderful day at home alone.  They have been gone nearly all day and so I have got out the sewing machine for the first time in ages.  I made my first attempt at a quilt type thing - it is to be for a pregnant friend - a mat for the baby to lie on.  Perfection and neatness whilst sewing are not strong points of mine so it is an apt  time to embrace Wabi-sabi - "beauty in imperfection" ( my sewing is mostly always imperfect!).  Anyway  handmade imperfections are good, they give character and in the end can make it even better! 

This is the start - patchwork is actually a bit harder than i thought - especially if you are just cutting out using your eye - things do get crooked and puffed up seams.

Choosing the material is fun.  It is good to use up fabric I have sitting there in a box.  I also like how you can use just a small bit of a treasured fabric and still have some for another creation.  Adding more bits is even more fun - turning it into a picture.  It isn't finished yet but I am trying  to learn that I don't have to finish a sewing project in one sitting.  I always end up rushing to finish and ruining it.  I still want to add another tree, some clouds, birds, ric rac.......

Gee it feels good to do something without interruption. It is still flooding...uh oh, they are home, better go!  If you want to see what the kids creative urges have been throughout the flood go here.


This is the music I was listening to whilst sewing today.

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  1. hi kate,
    that quilt is looking amazing, so so beautiful. x jay