Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Girl Effect

I am lucky to have a lovely little daughter.  She is lucky to be her.  She can do what she wants with her life.  She has a loving family, clean air to breath, water to drink and fresh healthy food to eat. She has room to run and play and the time and space to have a happy childhood.  Other girls around the world are not so lucky.  It is Sunny's birthday tomorrow and so I am going to make a donation through Global Giving to help another girl somewhere in the world who is not as lucky as Sunny.   You can choose to donate to specific programs.  By donating just $25 I have provided school supplies for 20 girls for one month in a school in India.  Hopefully the money really gets to where it is needed!

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  1. The Girl Effect is such a powerful video and a powerful movement. I am a Girl Guide leader so show this video a lot during the training of leaders and young women. I think your birthday idea is brilliant.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always lovely to have someone new stop by.

    Like you, I can also hum the Famous Five tune. It does tend to get stuck in there though. Enjoy re-reading one if you manage to find them at your folks' house.