Monday, 24 October 2011

We have been busy!

Nelson bought 3 baby silkies from the Grower's market. They were only one week old and very little and cute. They had to sleep in the bathroom next to the heater for the first week.

The silkies are outside now and getting very fluffy. They have been named Storm Trooper, Silky and Fluffy.

One of our hens had a chick too (only one!) Can you see it? Django named it Peck.

Here is our handsome Rooster who I like to call Heathcliffe.

We also have silkworms. Sunny likes to pick them up. (Poor things).

Django likes chopping down new bamboo with his sword.

Nelson has been practising the didgeridoo.

It has finally warmed up again and we have been to the pool.

Still a favourite pass time - jumping on the trampoline.
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