Monday, 26 September 2011

Don't risk coal seam gas

This is an advertisement  Getup has made to highlight the negative impacts of coal seam gas mining and it is raising money to put it on air to counteract the massive advertising campaign the mining industry has just launched.  Go to Getup for more information,  to make a donation  and to sign their petition......

We call on the Health, Environment, Water and Agriculture Ministers to urgently halt the unbridled expansion of the coal seam gas industry until we have fully understood the impacts the industry is having, and we have the proper regulations and safe-guards in place to protect our:
- farmers and farmland;
- homes and communities;
- precious natural areas; and
- drinking and groundwater.

Spread the word......

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  1. I've been writing to Martin Fergusson for some time and have had a reply where he has cc'd a few other ministers. Nothing comes of these, the 'exploration' licences are still handed out. We're all a bit concerned here too.

    There was an interesting discussion with Jenny Brockie on 'Insight' a few weeks ago with farmers, their thoughts and the companies.

    I belong to Get-Up and it is a great way to keep in the loop really.. so well done to them.