Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pretty birds

Before I forget, I must remember that a week or so ago whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a read in the sun on the veranda one of our local, pretty little birds - a blue wren, landed on my foot.
 Nelson and I made these blue birds out of paper mache.

We found this bower bird nest whilst on a walk.  The boys often collect blue bits and pieces from it.

Another collage - this one a bird.

I like this embroidery.  Might have to try to do something similar!

from penguin and fish

A cool song - "I like birds" by the Eels.

 from Geninne's Art Blog, she draws and paints lots of pretty little birds.

I love these drawings of birds by Joel Henriques.  And these....
There is a really good website called Birds in Backyards with lots of information, pictures and bird calls.

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