Friday, 20 May 2011

Thankyou life

Going down to the waterhole always makes me glad to be alive. It is such a peaceful and beautiful spot. It is so nice to slow down and have a day where nothing is planned. A day to listen to the babble of the river, the squawk of the black cockatoos and the distant hum of a tractor. With the winter sun warm on our heads, peaceful, unhurried, delicious.

Speaking of thanks I recently bought this book for the kids-  An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton.  It is a cool, colourful book with a great reminder to be thankful for everything.  A great attitude to have, one that leads to happiness, satisfaction and contentment. 

"Do you want to be really happy?  You can begin by being appreciative of who you are and what you've got.  Do you want to be really miserable? You can begin by being discontented."
 - (from The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff)

I am very grateful for a lot of things -  I love my family,  my friends,  my home, my garden, the river, the waterhole, the valley and the community in which i live.  I love the trees and birds and animals that surround me, the ocean, the beach, the bush.  I love the books I read, the music I hear,  the ideas I have and the inspiration I receive from the world and all its people.  Thankyou life!

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