Saturday, 14 May 2011

Kick a little stone

Kick a Little Stone

When you are walking by yourself
Here's something nice to do:
Kick a little stone and watch it
Hop ahead of you.
The little stone is round and white,
Its shadow round and blue.
Along the sidewalk over the cracks
The shadow bounces too.

by Dorothy Aldis

We went for a walk the other afternoon and Django was kicking a stone. He remembered this poem we like to read in a favourite children's poetry book of ours called  Here's a little poem .

Polly Dunbar is the illustrator and she has written other fantastic books too. I really love her illustrations,  I especially like Flyaway Katie.

One more fantastic story called Ideas Everywhere. Such a great book to read to kids at school (or at home) to help inspire story writing. 
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