Thursday, 19 May 2011

Granny Squares for Granny and Sunny

Happy Birthday Granny (for yesterday)! Granny would have turned 96 (i think) yesterday. Without really realising it, I do have a lot in common with Granny! I wonder if without Granny's influence I would have still liked crochet so much??? It feels like something I have discovered on my own but really I have been surrounded by crochet and knitting my whole life. Every chair and bed in Granny's house had either a crochet rug or cushion (or both) on it! Sunny is sleeping right now under a blanket Granny made. Anyway I have recently started making granny squares to make into a bedspread for Sunny. A big project but there is no hurry! I really like choosing and playing around with the colours. I also find it relaxing to make a square at the end of the day and it is nice to see the pile of squares grow. I know I probably won't be so keen to sew them all together!

If you like crochet there are some great blogs here and here.

I just discovered this blog Eclectic Gipsyland.  It is full of beautiful handmade things, it is amazing what people can make!  It makes my granny squares look very simple and rustic!Oh well, that is what I am I guess!  

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