Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Trees mean life

Nelson is at the top of the mulberry tree.

A tree of life pillow I made for a friend this week.

A book I got for my birthday ( Bruno Munari - drawing a tree) and a tree collage idea from it. You start with a strip of paper for the trunk, then halve it to make the next two branches, then into quarters for the next four branches, then into eighths and so on. It worked really well and I think it would be a great maths lesson at school too!

Another tree painted on our toilet.

A favourite tree we can see from our veranda.

 I'd like to make a wishing tree, that looks like fun!

Herman Hesse has written a lovely passage on trees in his book Wanderings.  Read the excerpt here. 

This is our lovely friend Lulu with a beautiful lovemae tree wall sticker that her mum Peta makes.

An old favourite song Hairy Trees.

Cute picture from TheSeaKiwi

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