Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rainbow Cakes

I found all these pictures here.  I'd love to make the first rainbow cake - not sure about eating so much food dye. Django would go nuts!!


  1. Perhaps it could be a Byron birthday cakes for all the old chooks??? If we go nuts it would be funny!!!

  2. I love that first rainbow cake too! I actually have it filed away in my images to use in rainbow blog post too! Gosh.... we continue to be psychic-ly connected!

  3. Hi Kate,
    love the blog! my friend in sydney was telling me last week about a birthday party one of her kids went to recently and it was a "rainbow party". It sounded fantastic- all the kids wore their favourite colour and they decorated with lots of coloured balloons and streamers and had lots of coloured cupcakes. It sounded great. I might steal the idea for Holly one year- and yes that first cake looks brilliant! love Katexxx