Friday, 11 March 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

Hello Hello. Is there anybody out there?  Welcome to my blog and my very first post.  I look around the internet at all the amazing blogs and i wonder why I want to start one -  I am certainly no expert, artist or super talented human.  I am an ordinary person trying to lead the best life I can.  I love writting letters and keeping a journal and this is the modern version.   Anyway I wanted to start this blog for my own fun and any family or friends who wonder what I am up to. If anyone else stumbles across it, great.  It is quite fun actually and i am learning how to do lots of computery things.  Once I have mastered it Nelson and Django want to start one too.    

Albert Einstein once said:   " I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."   Well me too!!
NASA puts the birth of the universe at nearly 14 billion years ago.  What was here before that? What will be here in another 14 billion years? The answers to these questions are unknowable and curious.  This is interesting but more interesting to me is life here and now.  Life is a miracle. A crazy, wonderful, thrilling thing and through this blog i hope to document for myself and whoever happens upon it all sorts of things that to me are interesting.  From simple earthly pleasures  to lofty intellectual musings.

Whilst on the topic of life I best demonstrate my first new skill - linking to a cool web site. Check out this link to put our size in the universe into perspective.  We  really are very small.

Goodnight (or morning)   Lots of love from Kate


  1. Love it Kate - really fresh! xxx fi

  2. Awesome Kate! Will be great to hear what you're up to & get creative fun ideas off you! love Cath xo